Your DNA. Your Personality. Your Brand.

Branding should tell a story. Stories are phenomenal. They have the power to move us, shape us, and form our beliefs. A good one has a life of its own. A great one changes everything.

Humans have been telling stories since the Stone Age. But they remain as relevant as ever – we share them today as much over Twitter as our ancestors did round the campfire. Brand storytelling is about harnessing the power of stories to give brands identity and purpose, and change the beliefs and behaviours of consumers and customers.

Your brand is more than just a name: it’s an entire identity, and one which you want your customers to embrace. From day one, we work closely with you to create, develop and bring to life your brand, before sharing it for the whole world to see.

Visual Identity

Marketing Kings are experts in creating visual cues which translate your brand. We can help create visual elements which go beyond your logo.

Identity Alignment

Often how a company see themselves is inaccurate. How the customer sees you and how we can influence that are the keys to successful branding.

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