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From automated lead-gen campaigns to transactional email communications, Markting Kings’ email marketing campaigns support your business goals through targeted, relevant messaging that drives the audience through the sales cycle. Our team of copywriters, designers, developers, and strategists can create, deploy, manage, measure, and analyze your ongoing email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Kings Coventry Dewsbury

Creative Campaigns

Our email marketing team works to ensure that your campaign comes to life on screen using stunning visuals and expertly tailored copy, allowing you to engage with your contacts effectively and meaningfully.

Split A/B Testing

Rather than send out your email campaigns at random times in the day, we use split A/B testing to identify the best times, best subject lines and your most active audience, resulting in a truly optimized email marketing experience.

Mobile Responsive

We understand that your audience is always on the go – mobile devices are now the most widely used piece of technology around and it’s important that your emails are responsive.


Every stage of your email marketing campaign is monitored intensely, and we actively seek to develop campaigns based on what’s working well and being responded to by your audience. Throughout your email campaign, we’ll be reporting back to you so you’re always in control.

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