Marketing Kings are a fresh thinking web design agency based in Coventry and Dewsbury. We have over a decade of experience in everything marketing. We have worked for some of the biggest companies in the world and now apply that knowledge to clients looking to grow their business.

Why are Marketing Kings Different?

As our name would suggest we marketers first. That means we put our clients results before creating something “exciting” for our portfolio. At Marketing Kings our modus operandi is to help our customers not simply beat the competition in their market but dominate- in other words:
“Don’t just win! Rule!”
We work across all aspects of marketing whether you need a website, help with digital marketing or an integrated marketing campaign- Marketing Kings provide you with the expertise that even some large business would envy.

How we work

This is an insight into our thought process so you can rest assured that we plan your thoughtfully and with purpose.



We dig up as much information as possible about yourself, your target audience, your competitors and your market. We use this information to provide you with competitive edge and to develop a brief so we can set goals and expectations.



Taking the information we dug up, we design a plan on how best to meet your objectives. We will present the designs/ plans and make any changes necessary at this stage before bringing your designs/ plans to life.



Then we get on with it! Ensuring all elements of what has been agreed with you are implemented. Our team get busy doing what they do best and ensure everything is delivered on time and to a standard we are proud of. We provide you with extensive feedback from the performance of your website to engagement rates and success of communication campaigns.



After we complete a project we don’t leave just leave you to it- as we truly believe that we are a partner for our clients and not just an agency. We look into how our campaigns or websites can perform better. We can help you take advantage of new technologies and new advances in marketing.

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