Marketing help without the bull.

What you need to do and how we can get it done for the best results possible. Simple.

What do you need help with?

Marketing Kings offers a holistic approach to marketing. That means we look at your marketing efforts as a whole to see where we can help you improve results. Rather than simply completing a task on your behalf.

I'm setting up a business

I have an idea for a business and I don’t know what I need to do next.

I want to grow my business

I am having great success with my business. How do I grow?

My business is struggling

Things aren’t going as planned. I might need some help with my marketing.

I need to marketing training

I want a better understanding of marketing without doing a degree.

Facebook/ Insta/ LinkedIn/ Google Ads

Paid search is the fastest way to get traffic to your website, Facebook or Instagram page.

You can target new and existing customers using paid search. Before running any campaign I will carry out research to establish the best way to target your market. To ensure you get the most out of your budget.

Web Design & SEO

You need customers to be able to find your website and when they land to engage with it and be persuaded to buy your product or service.

Great web design and SEO (search engine optimization) go hand in hand.  My process involves going through your customer’s journey in order to understand what and how they will find you, buy from you and keep buying from you.

Marketing Planning

A clear marketing strategy will give you an edge of your competitors and allow you to build a brand not just a business. The right strategy will deliver increased sales and develop long term brand loyalty.

Whether it’s demand generation, strategic account-based marketing or inbound marketing I have a wealth of experience to help you get to the next level.

Design & Branding

Design and Branding are two very different things. Great design like great art can stir emotions. Capturing the attention of your audience is always a difficult task great design can capture your attention whether in a logo, poster, display ad, video ad or on the side of a bus.

Aston Martin is more than a car. Coca-cola is more than a soft drink. This is branding. Brand delves into the augmented experience you have buying, owning and consuming that product. Having a strong brand is better than having a strong product.

Social Media Management

A lot of people see social media as a broadcast medium. It is an engagement medium for you to engage with people that have an affinity with you or your brand.

I can help you work with social media influencers, develop a social media plan to increase followers and engagement. I can also coach you and your team on how to effectively use social media.

Content Marketing & PR

Creating visible content is key to drive traffic to your brand. If it’s not visible it’s just wasted effort. Content whether it’s a white paper, infographic, video, case study or even a competition a strong PR campaign is needed behind it in order for it to be seen by people.

Good stories are the key to creating content that gets shared. Content that gets shared increases your visibility, develops your brand and increases your sales.

Case Study

Aagrah Foods

“We had quite a vague brief but Marketing Kings took the time to understand our business, understand our products and really tried to see the business through our eyes. They then translated our thoughts into a slick campaign which delivers exactly what we need. Thank you Marketing Kings!”

Shezad Aslam – Director